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The Dikki Ellis Show 

THE DIKKI ELLIS SHOW is back this year better than ever. With his wild

energy, wacky routines, witty banter, and, of course, things only 

comic performers do. You will be amazed at his variety of skills. It's a

smorgasbord of oddball antics, riotous slapstick and one darn good time

had by all - all served up with a generous side order of original off beat music.  

This year Dikki offers one jam packed show: A combination of new and old

magic with circus flair. Through audience participation, surprises, and fun,

Dikki makes the impossible become believable.  See a members of the audience be apart of the magic, up close and personal, watch while Dikki vanishes and reappears right before your eyes, don't blink. (space sensitive) and experience a snowstorm what ever the season.

see video page:

"Nothing is more mesmerizing than watching a skilled magician at work.  As the laws of nature are turned upside down, our concept of reality is challenged. We become willing, delighted believers in the unbelievable."

-Harry Houdini 

"Every person remembers their first trip to the circus. Perhaps it's been a while, or perhaps you've simply never had the opportunity to attend a real circus performance before. In either case, a truly magical experience awaits you." 

- P.T. Barnum

Woodbin's Holiday Follies

 We invite you to experience a traditional holiday magic show

with the Woodbin's.

 Welcome to the magical world of Henri and Wendy Woodbin, Santa's personal Assistants.

 They make sure that all the new toys are in working order.

 When the show opens Wendy finds a bag of toys that was left behind by the elves.

 Watch them panic to get Frosty the snowman back together again,

 the musical bells in tune and Santa's sleigh flying.

 With a little help from the audience it all comes together.

 Henri and Wendy leave you
in a snow storm winter wonderland. 

It's magic, music, and mayhem with a dash of holly. 

see video page:

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